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Ultimate Utility NFT

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A Sci-Fi Movie / TV Franchise

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Planet X Genesis

An interstellar war between long-time enemies and an unknown, highly advanced alien species makes its way to Planet X Mr. Metaverse, the planetary overlord’s mediator, assists King Anu in the survival of the planet by using Elixir (Elixir is a rare crystal-infused concoction that grants immortality). 8,888 versions of Mr. Metaverse from multi-dimensional universes come together to discuss and collaborate strategies, formulate unbreakable friendships and save Planet X, Forever.

The Mr. Metaverse NFT is part of the World’s first expansive Movie Metaverse. The NFT Collection is launched by an established production team with over 50+ IMDB film credits featuring stars such as Jessica Alba, Gary Oldman, Micheal Caine and many more.

See video below of the Planet X Movie Production team testing the latest LED tile technology in Hollywood for film production.

Collection : 8,888

There are a total of 8,888 NFTS relating to the 12 Dimensions on Planet X (and possibly here on Earth). Owning a Xio is your key to unlocking multiple rewards and secrets to the movie and metaverse of Planet X. Mr. Metaverse includes both 2D & 3D with high utility draw rates of about 13%.


Congratulations! You own one of our 3D Xio NFTs! These 3D’s will have special utility will be revealed after launch.


This collection contains 21 x one-of-one Xio artworks made of famous movies, animes, sports, and TV characters of our time! Mint one of these and win a cameo or walk-on Movie Role in Planet X. You will also receive a triple entry into our Planet X Giveaway.

Extreme Mutant rare : TBD

For every 3 NFTS you own, you will receive an ELIXIR to transform your NFT into the mutant version. Utility for Mutants will be revealed after launch

Super rare baby x : 111

Super Rare NFTs are Baby X versions of Xio. They are cute and adorable, but don’t let them fool you. They can pack a punch and carry their own weapons and rarity! The owners will receive access to be the first ones to own our $ELXR Token. Baby X holders will have their own giveaway in the near future. Stay Tuned!

Ancient Artifacts : 333

There are 3 Ancient Artifacts. Each artifact holds a special Utility that we will be revealed after launch. These artifacts are special and there is a limited number of them within the collection. You do not want to miss out on this mint. You’ll also receive the secret story and script information and insights from the Planet Movie and TV series.

Planet X GIVEAWAY : 1

Everyone that owns an NFT receives one entry into the prize giveaway draw. The more Xio’s you own the more chance you have at winning the giveaways. Metatroopers also have exclusive rewards specific to them only! (Read more on how to become a Metatrooper on discord). The prize draw includes Exclusive Planet X Automobiles, Gaming Systems, Meta Token Cards, Animated Film Frames, Land Parcels, whitelists, and much more. Please see Discord for details.


Join Us & Xio ! An Epic Journey Awaits

For every 3 NFTS you own, you will receive Planet X’s most prized possession “ELIXIR” to transform your NFT into a mutant. Utility for the mutants will be revealed after launch. Stay up to date on discord and tune in to learn more.



Reduced Gas Fees

I. Meet & Greet Stars & Premiere Invites

• Mr. Metaverse holders will get a chance to win competitions to meet the stars of the Planet X Movie, which is in development. Holding Mr. Metaverses will allow you access to film sets visits and premiere tickets to Planet X and other movies coming to the Movie Metaverse. Register today on the website and be kept up-to-date with all our production movie news via out newsletter and upcoming events.

II. Invite To Charity Catwalk Fashion Show

• The Planet X project will be sponsoring bi-yearly fashion shows with other well-known NFT Projects. Our vision is to bridge the physical world with the digital world to show how the fashion and NFT industry can be united.

V. Movie Rewards, Perks & Film Set Visit

• Holders of our NFTs will be entered into bi-weekly draws for the chance to win overnight film set visits to the "PLANET X" movie set. You’ll also get access to our exclusive movie newsletter and the chance to appear on our up-and-coming NFT, movie and unexplained alien-friendly podcast.

VII. Crypto Club International Memberships

• "PLANET X" has teamed up with The International Crypto Club. By owing our Meta Token Card you’ll get special access to the International Crypto Club special events & club memberships. The aim is to create the Soho House of Crypto in Miami, New York, LA, London, Hong Kong & other locations. See for more details.

V111. White Dove - Early Access To Elixir Token

• Owning a white dove NFT will give you access to Elixir token.


• Mint a Mr. Metaverse wearing a golden necklace with the planet X amulet and you’ll get a free LAND PARCEL. Read more under LAND PARCELS on the metaverse tab at

X. Exec. Producer Credits

• 2 x lucky people owning a Mr. Metaverse will be awarded IMDB co-executive producer credits in the "PLANET X" Movie. Each Mr. Metaverse you hold will count towards an entry to the film credit draw. Winners will be shown on Discord and updated to IMDB that same week.

XI. IMDB Film Credits  

• 20 x People owning a Mr. Metaverse from the support Ukraine NFT drop will be chosen at random and given a "PLANET X" IMDB film credit after the public mint. Wallet addresses of winners will be notified on Discord.

XII. Crypto Giveaways

• All Mr. Metaverse NFT Holders will get access to our $500K Land, NFT & Crypto giveaway. Each NFT will act as an entry into the prize draw. Winners will be displayed on Discord after the mint.

XIII. Film Party invites

• Win access to film production parties, events, podcast interviews, catwalks & after parties throughout 2022/23. More details to follow.

Planet X NFT Utility




The Specs


Xio is one-of-a-kind. Their unique characteristics, utility, artwork  and utility makes it easy to want to own one.

Long Term

The value that we have to offer is nothing like any projects. Join us in our adventure designed to bring value to our holders over time.


We need everyone to join this ground breaking Movie Metaverse and franchise! You will be a part of this astounding community.


Xio is full of valuable rewards from owning a “reward” Xio to being a MetaTrooper for being active in our Discord channel. You have great chances to win in our project.


The utility we have to offer is unmatched. TV series, Movie Metaverse, Cryptocurrency and Charity incentives.

About Project

The PLANET X Movie Metaverse is a monumental science fiction franchise across NFTs, TV series, and a big budget sci-fi movie trilogy in development. It is a fantasy adventure with a dark and seductive storyline about the true nature of “power’” and a “secret” about a new inter-dimensional technology. The movie is an adapted screenplay from Sumerian clay tablet translations discovered in 1849, by British archaeologist Sir Austen Henry Layard. It is an original, ancient alien thriller with comparisons to “Star Wars,” ‘“Game of Thrones,” “The Godfather,” “The Matrix” & “Dune” with an innovative dark, double twist. The project also aims to create movie-making history, created from the storyline, back story and script. For the first time NFT character creations within PLANET X’s Metaverse can actually feature in the movie itself once made.

Over the eons that PLANET X has followed its Hypervelocity Star, “NUN,” through the multi-verses, a number of new dimensions only speculated here on PLANET EARTH have been discovered. The 5th is “base” and normal reality. About 80% of humanoid inhabitants spend 85% of their lives on ISLANDIA living in COMPUTER SIMULATED VIRTUAL WORLDs (CSVWs), known as the 6th DIMENSION. The SPIRIT WORLD is the 7th DIMENSION, which also exists on PLANET X. Beings from this dimension can materialize and communicate with beings in the 5th DIMENSION. A volatile dimension that exists on PLANET X is the 8th, DREAM DIMENSION where messages and visions are implanted into dreams and lucid dreams lend an illusion of control. The ENLIGHTENED ONES or THE WATCHERS are in the 9th DIMENSION. The AFTERLIFE is in the 10th DIMENSION and THE UNKNOWN, TIME TRAVEL or PARALLEL MULTI-VERSES are in the 11th DIMENSION. Little is known about these dangerous dimensions. Interaction with these dimensions has been outlawed on PLANET X. THE GRAND CREATORS are thought to belong in the 12th DIMENSION.

There are multiple methods of generating revenue across the MetaVerse gameplay that shall be revealed and released in the future for our gaming community. This will include:

● Buy, sell, or lease your Land in the MetaVerse’s virtual world. ● Rewards for winning player battles across our virtual-based 1-1 and multiplayer system.

● Selling virtual assets and staking META crypto tokens within the virtual world.

● Selling your NFTs and growing your AVATARs.

● Allowing for the ability to trade, sell or lease your AVATAR to other players to use.

● Learning magic and spells with enhanced knowledge.

● Designing digital NFT ‘Weapons and Protection schemes’ that can be sold out or used for winning Wealth.

● Running transports for LAND PARCELS discovery.

● Charging for activities to other gamers and players across the virtual shared space.

● Buy and sell digital NFT Art in galleries and ancient digital antiques within the virtual spaces.

● Planet X MetaVerse will allow its users to set up shops and stores within the virtual shared system for selling online and crypto services.

● Offer protection to other players.

● Discovering more about ‘The Source’ and ‘The Watchers’.

● Buying and selling the prized ‘Elixir’ plant extract and cryptocurrency to other gamers, intergalactic traders, and the illegal intergalactic Elixir trade.

● Discovering more about the Movie from buying movie script pages.

● Setting up stores for selling and swapping NFT and digital assets to other players.

● Hacking players and getting in-game hacks.

● Investing time in getting skills and selling them to other players.

● Becoming a secret agent within the MetaVerse, selling secrets among players, and discovering secret bonuses and knowledge, and gaining META wealth for ‘selling secrets’ in the shared space.

● Creating NFTs for selling across the MetaVerse.

● Investing RUON into virtual projects and setting up virtual deals with brokers.

● Harvesting virtual crops and Elixir across the virtual kingdoms.

● Earning META for protecting King ANU and his royal circles and other movie characters.

META and RUON will be on listed exchanges in late 2021. Please join our Discord and Twitter for when they will be available to buy. When available, you will need a crypto wallet with ETH or another Ethereum-based ERC20 token to trade at Uniswap. If you need ETH, you can purchase it with fiat money at Coinbase or Binance and transfer it to your wallet. META and RUON will soon be available from centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, although Coinbase or Binance does not currently sell them. We are working on that—signup for our newsletter for more exchanges.HOW ARE META AND THE RUON APP AND CRYPTOCURRENCY INVOLVED?

When launched, citizens will be able to see all their LAND PARCELS and NFTs within the RUON App, which will have its own NFT wallet. Citizens will also be able to access, buy, sell and store all their NFTs using the ‘META’ and ‘RUON’ cryptocurrencies inside the MetaVerse. Citizens may also buy META and RUON cryptocurrency to grow their NFT AVATARs so they can live and survive in the MetaVerse. Please see AVATAR tabs. Once launched, Citizens may use RUON Currency for all manner of paying for things inside the MetaVerse, just like using the US dollar in our economy here on Earth. ‘META’ and ‘RUON’ are Planet X’s global economies and currencies, just like the US Dollar ($) is for the United States or the British Pound (£) is for the United Kingdom.

Members may either spend META or RUON within the Planet X MetaVerse by buying goods and services, or land and other NFTs, or exchange it for other crypto and fiat currency on other exchanges outside of Planet X. When the RUON App is released, members may send it to others through the RUON social media app. Please see for more information.

META – Dec, 2021 est.RUON – TBC

Total Supply – 250,000,000 Year 1 Circulating – up to 25,000,000 Year 2 Circulating – up to 75,000,000 Year 3 Circulating – up to 150,000,000


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“PLANET X” is a science fiction franchise across gaming, NFTs, TV, online MetaVerse and a big budget sci-fi Movie in development. An epic war saga of Ancient Aliens with a dark and seductive story about the true nature of ‘power’, and a new ‘secret’ new inter-dimensional technology.

The Movie is an adapted screenplay from ancient Sumerian clay tablet writings, discovered in 1849 by British archeologist, Austin Henry.

> Property & Copyright of : Creator & Writer
> WGA Copyright © Scripts : 9769354
> Bible & Concept Packages : 9769354
> U.S Copyright Office & Library of Congress (scripts, characters and concept packages) 1-284783279 Creative Barcode